Musings on QWay Muse Moments

Hi! I’m Jenn. I love art, art journaling, painting, and almost all things creative. When I was little, I told my teacher that I wanted to be like Picasso when I grew up. (Of course, as an adult I think of what a silly choice of an artist that was to aspire to but hey you have to start somewhere, right?!) Now, I have the awesome privilege of working at Questers’ Way (in Mansfield, CT). Questers’ Way is an entrepreneurial village centered around education and empowerment. (And we have a whole bunch of fun while we’re at it.)

My main role at Questers’ is facilitating and inspiring creativity, through Art Journaling and Paint Nights (among other artistic projects and events) in Inner Muse Studio, which is part of our Think Tank neighborhood. The Think Tank has two sub-neighborhoods: Inner Muse Studio and Out of The Box Lab. Inner Muse is for the more right brain based classes and projects while Out of The Box is for left brain based projects and classes. (To elaborate a little, the left half of the brain tends more toward science, math, and strategy while the right half handles art, poetry, and many of the creative endeavors we undertake. Of course, it’s not really that cut and dry but I hope you get the basic idea.)

Inner Muse’s main mission is to awaken your inner genius. We all have an inner genius. Each one is unique just like each of us. (Wow, I sound like a cliche and I do actually believe that everyone has a distinct way of approaching life. After more than a year and a half of facilitating Art Journaling classes, I have seen people take the same topic and interpret it in vastly different, beautiful ways over and over again.) Some people’s inner genius comes out through painting, others through collage, and there are some whose inner genius flourishes with the use of words.

My main purpose for this blog is to share Inner Muse’s inspiration, creative juices, and inner genius awakenings with anyone who cares to join me. I’ll be sharing our Art Journaling topics and challenges, ideas to combat artist block, cool things that happen in Inner Muse Studio (and Questers’ Way in general), photos, art prompts, and other things that haven’t occurred to me yet! Whether you are an avid artist or have yet to find your creative avenue, I hope you garner a bit of inspiration and creativity by reading this blog. Please join me and if you create something as a result of my musings, I would love to see pictures.

Schedule art into your life.